Frequently Asked Questions about The Aviv

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions based on your queries. If you don’t find answers to your query, please send us an email.

Are there any other costs apart from the purchase price?

Yes there are, there is Stamp Duty at 4% of the Purchase Price(subject to an open market valuation by Government Valuer) and Legal Fees which are all well broken down and explained in the sale agreement.

Does Rever offer Property Management Services?

Yes we do. Our one-stop-shop business model is designed to enable you truly earn passive rental income offering both property and rental management services thereby managing all aspects of your investment with us.

How long will it take for my rental income to reflect in your account?

The payments made will typically reflect on your account by the 10th of the next month

I have not recieved my rental income. Who can I contact?

Should you experience any technical challenges while paying, please contact the Finance department through finance@rever.co.ke

How long does it take for my statement to be sent to me

Depending on when funds reflect in our account we send you an updated statement within the same week.