Become Financially Free

Investing with us allow individuals to earn rental income without the stress of building real estate, and the attendant pain of maintaining the property and managing tenants. This enables our investors to leverage on the compounding principle (the 8th wonder) to grow your wealth.

Who we are

Who is Rever

We are a real estate investment company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We enable you to achieve financial freedom through passive rental income by offering attractive returns in quality but affordable real estate assets. Our long-term view to investing ensures that we continually maintain the quality of our portfolio.

About us

Access to quality housing remains a key challenge in Kenya with the housing deficit only being met in the upper and middle upper end of the market. Lower and middle income families are forced to make-do with substandard housing with poor infrastructural services and poor property management services.

Rever is an impact investor that seeks to provide housing solutions in the lower and middle income housing space. We seek to provide quality housing while providing attractive returns to our investors.

Rever also offers ancillary services within the real estate space including property and rental management.

What are we good at

We design, build, sell and manage modern, quality and high value homes.


We design and create sustainable real estate developments by incorporating environmentally-friendly design techniques, materials, and technologies into the building process including incorporation of green spaces


We build and sell properties with a long-term view of the asset to ensure that the value of the assets is preserved.


We manage the properties we develop by offering both property and rental management services to ensure we maintain the quality of our portfolio and have high occupancy of tenants.